Why are your prices higher than some companies?

We made a choice to hold to our belief that quality cannot be delivered if we try to meet or drop down to the price points of some of our competition in the local market. We deliver a finished product that has been inspected by a State of California certificatied building inspection service and we design and build a product that far exceeds our competition. Simple answer - YOUR GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! We simply won't build "CHEAP".

Cost effective and Value for our customers - YES, cheap and low quality; NO.

How do we know your company has the depth of experience for us to want to do business with you?

We have been in the food business for over 105 years. Our experience runs from food production, wholesale operations, restaurant, catering, concessions, fairs, events, and fundraisers. Our design & production teams are made up of a highly qualified and experienced staff. Contractors and trades people with years of experience building not only concession type units, but brick & mortar restaurants and franchise operations.  We have an expanded understanding of the mobile food industry that is unique and of great value to our customers.

Do you build your own trailer frames or do you buy them?

We design and build our trailers 100% "IN-HOUSE". We choose the materials and products, fabricate your trailer from the first welded connection to the final cleaning of the interior and perform every step along the way.  When you buy a QCT mobile food trailer, you are buying something built by our team with pride and a focus on your success.

There are concession trailer kitchens 'out there' that cost less than yours – Why should I buy a concession trailer from your company?

#1 - WE CARE about you and your business! #2 - Our trailers are built to new hybrid standards and designs that cost more, but deliver far above the normal concession trailers. #3 - We build mobile food facilities, restaurants with wheels, not trailers. We are a trailer because we have wheels and a hitch, other than that you are buying a first class mobile rolling restaurant. #4 - Our team can assist you with designing and building a trailer that is focused on your specific needs, which matters with the flow, staff working conditions, servicing the customers and being successful. #5 - We build one great mobile food concession trailer.


Do you offer financing for your trailers and trucks?


We have established working relationships with 3 excellent financial providers.  There is a package for anyone and everyone from this group. We can help you acquire financing for one of our trailers.

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My Custom Concession Trailer by QCT is well built and making me money every day. - Edgar A.
We couldn’t be happier with our new custom trailer by QCT. They built it just the way we askedand we had no problems passing our local health department inspection. - Mike H.
This is our second concession trailer. When we have our third one built we will definitely go to QCT. -P. T.